Improve Sales with Social Media Marketing

Improve Sales with Social Media Marketing

If social media were a country, it would be the largest and the most populated place on earth. Virtually, it is! People across the globe use social networks to connect with their friends and social media and find information related to their interests, likes, and dislikes.

85% of US consumers use social media, while 80% of consumers prefer connecting to brands through social networks. They find and follow companies and brands they love.

Facebook and Instagram

Both Facebook and Instagram are owned by Facebook. And both stand high in the list of most used and most popular social networking platforms. Facebook has been on top for quite a long time. But Instagram has been growing gradually over the years.

Instagram grew more than 10 times since 2013? Back then, it had 130 million active users. But today, it has more than a billion active users. With a billion monthly active users, Instagram is the second most engaged social platform (first is, of course, Facebook).

Smart businesses make smart use of these social networks to market and sell their products. 

Use Creative Hub by Facebook

The image, video or any other graphic used for marketing/advertising is called a “creative”. Facebook facilitates marketers with its indigenous Facebook Creative Hub tool that allows them to bring their ad ideas to life.

Each creative on your Facebook has a huge and direct impact on the performance of your update or ad. If the creativity level doesn’t match the ad format or doesn’t click in the mind of the audience – it is of no value.

Facebook has developed this free tool to help you to achieve your sales targets with brilliantly designed ad graphics.

Apart from that, the Creative Hub tool allows you to test different versions of your creative in multiple formats before it goes live. In short, the tool enables high-performance ads that perform well on the web as well as mobile.

Split Test Tool for Better Ad Distribution

With the Split Test tool, you can test the performance of your ads by splitting a number of objectives such as audience, creative, delivery optimization, and product. It allows you to test different versions of your ad for multiple groups of an audience and helps you understand which selection has the potential to improve ROI and sales.

For example, iCustomLabel customizes labels and stickers for individuals and businesses. Since it is a B2B and B2C environment, they technically have two types of audiences – commoners and organizations.

For them, the Split Test can be a way to find out which audience group engages with their posts and advertisements and plan their future posts/ads accordingly.

As soon as Split Test is over, one can generate a report and discover insights about your best-performing ad set. Here, you can learn how to set up a split test tool from Facebook.

Build an Emotional Bonding

The man is a social animal. The man is an emotional animal as well. We are all driven by emotions. We make friends based on our emotional bonding.

So, if as a brand you want to connect well and build trust with your audience, shift your focus on finding emotional cues. Here the quality and type of content you create matters a lot.

Learn the art of storytelling – an art of telling stories that people can relate to and are close with. The story gets your content shared. Stories related to pets, babies, success, entertainment, cooking, heartbreak and some kind of solution often get high engagement on social media.

People engage more when they find an emotional connection with your story. Without emotional bonding, you would not be able to make much of your social media marketing.


Boosting engagement and sales requires you to be active and regular on your social network. Just a day’s non-activity can cause a massive decline in your engagement and reach, and affect your page’s performance in the long run.

Social media success depends largely on the strategies you develop for your business page. However, there is no denying that some strategies work and others don’t. You should always try to test and find out the best working strategy for your page.

If Type-A strategy (say, content or ad strategy) works, Type-B might not. Type-A did well, see what else can be added or removed to boost its performance. If Type-B did not work, figure out a strategy called Type-C or better, move back to the Type-A. That’s how you fast forward your sales through social media.

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