Social Media Mistakes Which Damage Your Business

Social Media Mistakes Which Damage Your Business


It’s easy to make mistake on social media, and most of the times your customer will forgive a minor error.

But there are some issues that can not only be easily avoided but should be at all costs. They hurt your reputation, can lose your followers, and generally undermine the work you’re putting in to build an active, engaging social presence.

Even if you’re working in digital marketing it’s worth going over the listing to ensure you don’t slip-up and cause problems for your business.

Social Media Mistakes That Hurt Your Business

Only Sharing Content About Your Company

What brands should be doing is focusing their messages on the user.

Follow social trends, but at the same time become part of the conversation using valuable messaging for your audience that they can use and share.

Ignoring Your Audience’s Needs & Expectations

Short of being non-existent on social media, the biggest mistake is to ignore its audience and their needs or expectations.

If a brand is unknown for its cautiousness, its social voice shouldn’t be snarky. Conversely, a fun and sassy brand should act that way on social media.

Limiting Your Content Types

The biggest social media mistake is not showcasing many types of content on your feed, including user-generated content, blog post links, videos, and infographics.

The general rule is to post a mix of corporate and educational content to maintain reader interest.

Failing To Listen To Customers

The most essential activity that a brand needs to carry out on social media is listening 24/7. Social media is a direct line to your consumers on a global scale.

Listening to discussions will help you understand how consumers really feel about your brand.

Creating a Sales-Focused Social Presence With No Personality

While it is important to have sales-focused content, brands should build a healthy mix of educational, engaging and exciting content.

You need to build content with the demographics of your audience in mind. Be more like a publisher than a brand whose sole purpose of existence is to sell.

Not Engaging With Your Audience

So many companies misuse social media because they don’t understand that content marketing requires a different approach than advertising.

Avoid this error by genuinely engaging with your audience, convincing them of your expertise and offering value, rather than just selling.

Deleting Or Ignoring Negative Comments

If someone is hating on you or your brand on social media, thank the person for their feedback. Tell them you appreciate it and are always looking for feedback to improve your brand.

Don’t defend yourself directly; it never comes across well in written form and usually brings on more negative commentary.

Making Spelling Or Grammar Mistakes

One small mistake can take away from your overall messaging, and readers will focus on what’s wrong with the post rather than what’s right.

Make sure you check and double check your content before making it live, and if you do make a mistake, correct it as soon as it’s caught.

Delivering Poor Customer Service On Social Media

Consumers appreciate the direct involvement of social media engagement. The ability to bypass a phone tree or avoid speaking with a representative is why most will first post their concerns or questions online.

Take too long to answer, offer unhelpful information or ignore altogether, and consumers will quickly find another brand.

Posting Irresponsible or Insensitive Content

Sensitivity and consideration for others should always be paramount, not only in the workplace but also on the social channels in which brands communicate with their broader audience.

Social media should reflect the brand’s image and culture-therefore, ethical standards must always align.

Too Many Hashtags or Handles

When posting social content, be careful of using too many hashtags or tagged handles, as the content may come off as desperate for engagement.

Additionally, it may not resonate with the tone and voice of your company, or the brand you are trying to portray.

Failing To Promote Two-Way Conversations With Customers

The greatest benefit of social media is that it’s two-way, allowing for a true dialogue with your customers.

Brands that use it simply for posting and promoting instead of conversation are missing out on creating great relationships with advocates, customers and influencers.

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