Why You Should Invest In Mobile Marketing


Why You Should Invest In Mobile Marketing?


Mobile technology has flourished into one of the world’s most important fields, many still fail to see its value in the context of business outside of the mobile industry. If your business, big or small, doesn’t have Mobile Marketing implemented into its approach towards the market, you are probably losing a lot.



Mobile app development companies around the world have set-up teams of researchers, professionals and analyzers to develop world-changing apps resulting in a flood of utility, entertainment, social and lifestyle applications in the recent past. Users have responded in a positive manner and haven’t hesitated in accepting this technology change.


Five essential reasons to invest in your mobile marketing strategy



1.Automation is the winner

Mobile marketing automation has revamped the way marketers used to send notifications, promotional offers and emails to their customer base.it helps in driving engagement and also proves useful in getting noticed as it has been observed that the average mobile owner checks their device over 200 times a day



2.Instant results with call-to-actions


Call-to-actions deliver instant results. It drives users to your desired page, website or appCall-to-actions are a powerful tool to make users visit your business page, which eventually can increase your customers count as well as greatly impact your sales.

You can include call-to-action buttons in your push notifications, text messages and emails to increase your chances of getting clicked.


3.SMS service still rules

With the boom in mobile app development, we can’t deny the fact that text messages still serve as a marketing tool for businesses. It has been observed that messaging service has a staggering open rate of 99%.


4.Enhanced consumer engagement


Mobile devices are a better medium of communication and engagement with customers as people can’t always be online via laptops or desktops, whereas with smartphones, they are connected to the internet every single instant. This means the engagement level with mobile devices will always be on a higher side as compared to desktops and laptops.


5.Inevitable growth

It is quite evident that with passing years the number of smartphone users will increase and people will become more dependent on them.


Marketing is way more efficient on mobile because it’s easier to send promotional content and information about offers. More than that, users of your app can save that data for later and bring it up on their screens when they are ready to buy. A billboard for example isn’t so efficient because you can’t have it in every potential customer’s pocket at all times.
Unlike desktops, the user response on mobile platforms can be almost instantly tracked. This allows for a much faster unfolding of the marketing campaign with faster results that allow for a faster analyzing of the acquired data.


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