Basics of Digital Marketing for Startups

Basics of Digital Marketing for Startups   Digital marketing is the most affordable marketing tactic which a bootstrapped, as well as a well-funded startup, can use to reach their target audience for their brand. Learn from other people’s mistakes and select those marketing strategies which have given them best results.  Marketing strategy is a deciding factor in making or breaking […]

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Brief about Future of Native Advertising

Brief about Future of Native Advertising     When it comes to digital advertising, a “big four” have emerged: social ads, display ads, video ads, and native advertising. According to a Sales force survey of 4,000 marketers, native advertising is currently the third-most popular tactic, tied with video.         One of the much hyped topic that’s being […]

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Digital Marketing – PPC Marketing

PPC feature image

Pay-per-Click Marketing(PPC Marketing) Pay-per-Click or PPC is an important strategy which helps to send messages to our target audience or relevant customer group. PPC marketing is a kind of marketing where search engine advertising  is used to generate clicks to your website, instead of earning those clicks organically. The below image is an example of PPC Marketing where green highlighted […]

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Affiliate Marketing Terminologies


Affiliate Marketing Terminologies There are many terminologies we come across while understanding Affiliate Marketing. It is necessary to understand those terminologies. Here we are discussing on Affiliate marketing terminologies. Below are few terminologies that should be familiar with while working on Affiliate Marketing.  Advertiser/Merchant – The advertiser is the company that produces the products or the services that you are […]

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