Why You Should Invest In Mobile Marketing

  Why You Should Invest In Mobile Marketing?   Mobile technology has flourished into one of the world’s most important fields, many still fail to see its value in the context of business outside of the mobile industry. If your business, big or small, doesn’t have Mobile Marketing implemented into its approach towards the market, you are probably losing a […]

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7 Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

7 Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins For Bloggers     Finding a decent social media sharing plugin for WordPress is more difficult than it should be. Crazy isn’t it? There are thousands of plugins in the WordPress repository yet I’ve found myself switching plugins far too often.It shouldn’t be this way though.It should be easier for us to find a […]

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Social Media Ad Targeting – How To Target Audience that Converts

Every Year, business spend billions of dollars advertising on social media. From last few years, we are seeing a trend where big brands are spending more on social media advertising than TV ads and news paper. A primary reason to advertise on social media is because it is a perfect place to advertise any business and it gives the advertiser […]

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Social Media For Business – How Important It Is ?

Social Media Marketing is the act of creating brand awareness to drive targeted traffic from social media sites. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+, Pinterest, Youtube, Flickr, Community Forums, etc.  Popular social platforms have become marketing giants, offering businesses,valuable data about their customers and a (mostly) free way to reach them. There are over 3 billion internet users—and over 2 […]

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Instagram As A Social Media Marketing Tool

Instagram As A Social Media Marketing Tool     Instagram was a brand back then which we all knew that it was an upcoming one that had a lot more to do with images/Videos than compared to text messages. After Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, this social media marketing platform is making rounds for all the good reasons.Across the globe, […]

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Digital Marketing – PPC Marketing

PPC feature image

Pay-per-Click Marketing(PPC Marketing) Pay-per-Click or PPC is an important strategy which helps to send messages to our target audience or relevant customer group. PPC marketing is a kind of marketing where search engine advertising  is used to generate clicks to your website, instead of earning those clicks organically. The below image is an example of PPC Marketing where green highlighted […]

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Digital Marketing Strategies


How Does Digital Media Marketing Works? Digital Media Marketing uses certain strategies to increase traffic on websites. This makes the business or brand popular on the internet. Here are most commonly used strategies by Digital Media Marketing.  SEO or Search Engine Optimization This teaches how to stay on top of search engines , when it comes to website rankings. People […]

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