5 Excellent Websites For Checking Google Keyword Rankings

5 Excellent Websites For Checking Google Keyword Rankings


One of the most important factors in choosing a right keyword in order to make them rank & track the keyword position in search.

Here we are going to learn how keywords perform on Google. Which is really important for a blogger or SEO professional to check Google keyword rankings for target keywords.


What Is Keyword Tracking

The keyword Tracking shows your sites position in the context of a given keyword in a particular search engine.

Defining the right keywords in content makes easy for search engines to display your article on the top results when people search for it. As we all know keywords are used by people on search engines (Google)to find information online.

Why Is Keyword Tracking Important?

If you write the great content but lack of keyword density then it results in bad SEO. Moreover, It is not displayed on the top of Search Results by search engines. Tracking keywords are important Because it boosts your search engine traffic and website sales.

Benefits of keyword tracking:

  • Increases ad revenue.
  • It increases website traffic.
  • Increases overall website sales.
  • It helps in finding the best performing keywords.
  • Discover local competitors and a lot more.


Best 5 Websites to check Google keyword rankings accurately

1. SEMrush

This SEO tool lets you do keyword research, track keyword ranking, check backlinks, check competitor ranks, and most importantly, do a complete SEO audit of your blog.

SEMrush helps you to find the following points.

  • Traffic of any site.
  • Best performing keywords of your competitors.
  • Analyse the backlinks.
  • Competitor’s research.
  • Advertiser research.
  • High paying keywords.
  • Fix your site issues.
  • Track all the keywords that you are targeting on Google.

SEMrush is a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing. It is very simple to use, just enter your website URL or the individual URL of a blog post, and it will show you which keywords you are currently ranking for.

Furthermore, click on any resulting keyword to check keyword competition and other details.

2. Ahrefs

Semrush is the best choice, but if I ever have to replace it with anything else, then Another best option is Ahrefs.

With this tool, you do get quick access to your current rankings like above one. Also, It automatically detects what keyword your website is ranking for & you can specify ranking based on country.

Ahrefs helps you to find the following points.

  • Check Current Rankings.
  • Detects Website Ranking Keyword.
  • Check the level of competition for your target keywords.
  • Track your backlinks.

All You only need to enter the URL you are checking. Further, this tool display list of keywords that your web page is ranking for.

3. SERPWatcher

SERPWatcher, Another best tool to check your Google Keyword Ranking. it only asks you for the basics: What is your domain? Which keywords are you hoping to rank for? Desktop or mobile? And do you care about which country the search initiates from?

After providing the above information, This tool helps you to find the following points.

  • What your rank was yesterday.
  • How much it’s changed.
  • What your average rank is for each keyword.
  • Best rank to date.

Furthermore, You can track keyword position based on Geolocation & device. As this tool is Paid, you can buy their paid plan, the pricing is most reasonable and pocket-friendly under the paid tool.


4. Google Rank Checker

People are running for free tool first, So here it is Google Rank Checker. It is a free online tool for tracking keyword positioning.

People are running for free tool first, So here it is Google Rank Checker. It is a free online tool for tracking keyword positioning.

Note* This tool does not check Bing – just Google.

With this excellent tool, All you need to do is enter your target keyword phrase and the domain name of your website.

You then select the region and press submit. Within seconds, you will know the search engine rankings for the keyword you entered.

5. SERP’s Keyword Rank Checker 

SERP’s is also the best tool for keyword rank check that easily checks all your Google keyword rankings. And this one is also free like Google Rank Checker. (it’s completely free.)

After entering the URL, this tool shows you the top 250 search results. Among the Keyword Rank, It also gives you information about search volume, CPC etc to know how your keywords are performing on Google.


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