Career Opportunities For Freshers In Digital Marketing

Career Opportunities For Freshers In Digital Marketing

A career in digital marketing can have a lot of opportunities, as much as the market demands. Businesses require digital marketing professionals of various specializations, of different skill-sets and experience in a specialization.

Let us see what kinds of career opportunities a fresher can have in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Executive

This is one of the most common positions one can get as a fresher in digital marketing. The job of a digital marketing executive is to execute the various digital marketing activities as planned by the marketing team. Certain tasks and activities will be assigned to an executive based on his/her knowledge and skill-set.

Usually, a digital marketing executive works along with the marketing team under a marketing manager. Working as a digital marketing executive is a great way to obtain professional expertise in digital marketing as a beginner.

SEO Executive

An SEO executive puts into action the SEO strategy designed by the organization’s SEO specialist or the marketing team. Most of the time, a single SEO specialist may not be able to handle all the SEO activities of an organization, especially when the strategy is complex and requires a lot of work.

An SEO executive assists in planning, executing and analyzing the SEO strategy of an organization. As a beginner, one can learn and master overall on-site & off-site SEO by working under the guidance of a good SEO specialist as an SEO executive.

Google Ads/SEM Analyst

A Google Ads/SEM Analyst works with the marketing team in successfully running the search engine advertising campaigns of an organization by analyzing the campaign performance, generating insightful and actionable reports, assessing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of the organization’s search advertising campaigns.

Digital Marketing Analyst

A Digital Marketing Analyst works with the organization’s marketing team analyzing the whole marketing & advertising activities of the organization. A digital marketing analyst identifies and defines KPIs for marketing campaigns, analyzes the performance of the campaigns, generates actionable reports which will help the marketing team in refining the strategy. A digital marketing analyst possesses great analytical and critical thinking skills.

Social Media Executive

A Social Media Executive executes all the social media activities as per the organization’s social media strategy. Activities include setting up and managing the organization’s social media profiles, posting on the chosen social media channels as scheduled on their social media calendar, interacting with the audience or responding to the audience comments, publishing the ads, and so on.

All the social media marketing activities of the organization are executed by the social media executive, and hence he/she needs to be skilled in communication and in maintaining customer relations on social media.

Content Writer

A content writer is the one who creates content for the organization’s inbound marketing activities in the form of blogging/blog posts, website content, social media posts, email newsletters, etc., wherever content is required. A content writer may also work as a copywriter who creates ad copy for the organization’s advertising or promotional material in contrast to inbound material.

The skill-set of a content writer and copywriter varies, but in enough organizations, content writers also work on the ad copy, landing pages and other promotional material for the organization’s advertising/promotional activities.

Content Marketing Associate

A Content Marketing Associate works with the organization’s inbound marketing team in planning, creating and publishing content on the various channels employed by the organization, be it the organization’s blog, YouTube Channel, social media channels, website content, and so on. Depending on his/her skill-set, a content marketing associate may work on creating blog posts/articles, video creation, infographics, etc. depending on the organization’s content requirement and strategy.

Email Marketing Executive

An Email Marketing Executive works on all the email marketing activities of the organization which can include composing email newsletters, sending emails to the leads using an email marketing tool/software, checking all the benchmarks or metrics like email open rate, email click-through rate, email unsubscribe rate, email bounce rate, email deliverability, etc.

Social Media Intern

Internships are offered by many organizations in order to check the skill-set and suitability of a fresher during the period he/she works for the organization. The work of a social media intern can be similar to that of a social media executive, the main difference being that the candidate works as an intern who will be trained and tested.

Digital Marketing Intern

The work of a digital marketing intern can be similar to that of a digital marketing executive, the main difference being that the candidate works as an intern who will be trained and tested.

How easy or difficult it is to get an opportunity as a fresher? Well, one thing is obvious that it depends totally on one’s skill-set, confidence, and commitment. But that’s not where it ends. The differentiating point is how you present it to the recruiters.

Recruiters recruit candidates based on their work experience, a great means to gauge a candidate. But since a fresher cannot have any previous work experience, recruiters go through a different process for freshers.

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