E-Commerce Email Campaign That Should Be Executed Right Away

E-Commerce Email Campaign That Should Be Executed Right Away

With a whopping 3.7B active users across the globe, email undoubtedly is one of the most potent channels for driving business and revenue. It doesn’t only retain old customers but also attracts new buyers. This is the reason that the email marketing budget of a lot of companies has increased from 63% in 2012 to 88% in 2017. So, if you have an e-commerce business, it is high time you start leveraging it. It has the power to build your brand’s image. It helps you pave new avenues of success by providing long-lasting value to your customers. You can start executing your email marketing strategy effectively by sending a few e-commerce emails to your customer base right away.

Have a look at these e-commerce emails:

Welcome emails

Exposure to the online world to e-commerce shopping experiences has increased customer expectations. Therefore, to provide a great first impression, make sure to send a welcome email to customers as soon as they subscribe or make a purchase from your website. In fact, 47% of marketers use a multi-step welcome series email for enticing new contacts.

Remember, welcome emails are the first point of communication between you and your customers. So, it is critical that you provide value to your customers with a welcome email and send it the right way as well as at the right time. In short, welcome emails are a great way to determine and get a clear idea about how your customers perceive your brand and to find the email open rate number.

Abandoned cart emails

Did you know abandoned cart emails have an inbox placement rate of a huge 95%? Therefore, leveraging it the right way can work wonders for your business. To do this, you need to remind customers what they have left behind in their cart. Left items in the cart mean the customer was interested in buying that product but left the checkout process midway due to some reason. The reason could either be a slow internet connection, a complicated check out process, or a high delivery charge, to name a new. This is where the abandoned cart emails can come into the picture. All you need to do is send a relevant abandoned cart email that gently nudges them to complete their purchase. From offering a discount for the abandoned products to adding a positive review, you can send a variety of content in your abandoned cart emails to motivate the customer to complete the purchase and, in turn, increase revenue.

Follow up emails

Follow up emails are a great sales strategy when it comes to satisfying customers and generating more business. These emails not only make the customer feel that you appreciate their business, but they also increase loyalty towards your brand. After all, you are sending an email even after a customer has made a purchase. This will speak volumes about your commitment and dedication towards providing a high-end experience to your customers. From asking for reviews and recommending products similar to their previous purchase to including a thank you text and adding relevant information regarding product usage, a follow-up email can help satisfy customers in the best way.

Re-engagement emails

As an e-commerce business, customers easily lose interest and become disengaged. From customers who haven’t purchased anything from you to customers who haven’t visited your website for a long time, there is a multitude of scenarios. This is where re-engagement emails can do the needful. It is a sure shot way of bringing old, disinterested customers back on board. So, start leveraging it right away. One of the best ways to re-engage customers is by sending quick and easily redeemable incentives. Also, you can even give them personalized offers based on their previous purchase or interests. This re-engagement email from Return Path shows how to use it effectively:

Upsell emails

If you want to accelerate your revenue and promote consistent repeat purchases, do it the upsell email way. Upsell emails not only motivate customers to spend more but also gives them instant gratification. You can make use of upselling emails by featuring a variety of products that are relevant to the customer’s past purchase. However, make sure you don’t add too many products in your email as it might overwhelm the customer. Another factor that needs to be kept in mind is the price range. Send only those products that are in the customer’s price range. Remember, you can make conversions only when your offers are relevant and reasonable for the customer.

Referral emails

A referral email is all about giving your customers special offers that they can share with their family and friends and get rewarded for each reference they give. These emails are a great way of nurturing leads and enhancing sales. A referral email engages customers with your brand and entices the customer to take prompt action through word of mouth promotion. See how Postable takes a creative approach through its referral email:

Occasion-based emails

It is always good to make your customers feel special. The best way of doing this is by sending them personalized greetings on their birthdays, anniversary, or any other special occasion. You can easily extract this information from your customers through sign-up forms. Once you have their details, use it by giving them special discounts, offers, or even gifts to make their special day even better. Remember, these little things go a long way in building a warm and enduring relationship with your customer.

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