How Google Search Engine Works?

How Google Search Engine Works?

Today everybody is almost crazy about Google and its search engine. Most of them can’t actually figure out how Google Search Engine works.

“As per the stats, more than 3.5 billion Google Searches occur on per day basis, plus, the volume of Google searches increases by around 10% every year.”

How Google Search Engine Works?

Google has to check the web pages on the internet regularly and identify the type of content from the text and the title of the content. Since more than 300 web pages are created every minute hence checking each and every page and verifying the type of content is never easy.

Google’s programs and bots which are often known as Google’s spiders go for searching entire web and it takes note on websites. It tries to find out who you are and what niche your content belongs to.

It categories each and every web page in this way. Hence Google has a massive work to do as first it locates all the data on the internet, categories it accordingly and then store the information securely.

After this Google’s next job is to match the search query with results.

Whenever someone makes an input in the search bar Google has to best match it with the information available in its database.

Since the number of searches is growing day by day hence it is really a tough job for Google to match it with the relevant information.

According to the How Google Search Works Guide, currently, Google works upon more than two trillion searches in a single year. 

Most of us constantly wonder how Google search works and we just think that it is a bot and it can manage everything easily but it is not that easy. Google has to categories all the information in its database. While someone searches for a query and then display the result within a few seconds.

This is never easy when you can’t compromise on accuracy. People want their search results as quickly as possible hence time becomes a major factor here.

What Makes Google The Best Search Engine On The Web?

Google has the largest database among all the search engines, it delivers the most accurate results and most importantly it can deliver results fastest. These are the main reasons why Google is the best search engine on the internet and going into the key idiosyncrasies of how Google Search Works is very inevitable for the search marketers.

Importance of Links in understanding How Google Search Works

Backlinks on your web page play a major role in deciding the ranking of your web page on the search engine and that is why you need to understand their role while comprehending how Google Search Engine Works.

More links on your web page mean a better ranking. Here don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that only links count will enhance your ranking on the search engine rather there are other important factors that come together to decide the ranking of your web page.

The quality of links is also taken into consideration. The link which will be having more authority will be considered more worthy.

Google only gives consideration to those links which are relevant to your web page which means if your web page is talking about some stuff like ‘mobile phone’ and if the link also talks about ‘mobile phone’ then it will be considered more worthy. So ‘Relevancy’ is another key factor.

In order to find the answer to our question How Google search engine works let us now understand about RankBrain and its working.

Role of RankBrain in Understanding How Google Search Engine Works

How does Google work? It is probably the most obvious question that the majority of internet users wonder about. So, when you are trying to understand how Google Search Engine Works, you need to know that Google’s working is never easy and there are so many helping hands which help in improving the search results on Google.

RankBrain is one of those helping hands.

It was developed by Google to handle such massive data and provide accurate search results. It uses Artificial Intelligence, which means that it keeps on improving itself. The more queries and information it tackles, the more accurate it becomes.

Google has a huge amount of data to handle and to match them with so many search queries in a minute is really difficult, here RankBrain actually come into help Google. RankBrain actually establishes a connection between your search queries and activities which let it understand the actual context behind your searches.

Suppose if you search for ‘best sportsman of 2018’. It looks simple right? No, it is not.

How would Google know what type of sports are you talking about here? It could be Football, Cricket, Tennis, and so on. Here Google takes into consideration several other factors to find out what actually are you looking for. So here Google will look for your activities;

(i) You have bookmarked Cricket news.

(ii) You constantly go to Cricket stadiums/academies.

(iii) You follow cricket celebrities.

(iv) You made searches related to cricket on Google.

So now Google has got enough data to understand the context behind your search query.

RankBrain here establishes the connection between your query and activities. After developing a connection between all these activities and your query Google can understand what type of sports are you talking about. So now Google will give you results of ‘best cricket sportsman of 2018’. This is how Google Search Engine Works.

Google can now even answer a number of your questions before you even ask them. Suppose if you search for a Food item, google will provide you with its nutritional information as well as other information along with the locations and stores where you can eat that.

How Google Search Engine Works via Google Ranking Factors

In order to get a better ranking on Google search engine then you will have to focus on the basics. Solve user’s problem. Whenever someone searches for a query it means that they are facing a problem and they want a solution to that. So your main goal from the web page should be to solve the user’s problems.

If you are able to solve the user’s problem efficiently then you will definitely get a better ranking in the search engine. For example, if someone has a problem with their bike and they search for it on Google then they are expecting a direct solution to their problem and no irrelevant information.

So if your content is able to provide the exact solution to user’s problem means it will rank better. But here’s a catch, how would let Google know that your page has a solution to a problem. Here comes the role of keywords.

But make sure you are not stuffing your content with it because Google’s algorithms are advanced and it may become detrimental. Focus on Title Tag and Meta Description and let the users know what your page is talking about and chances of getting a better rank in Google search engine will definitely increase.

According to experts your meta descriptions and title tag should talk of the primary topic that is being described in the content. You can view these by right clicking on your page and checking the resource code.


Google has gone really smart and you can never fool it. It will judge you on merits and then you will get rankings on its search engine accordingly. Google’s ability to hold and analyze such humongous data is the reason why it is the most preferred search engine platform by marketers as well as normal users.

Google’s job is never easy and there it takes help from a number of tools like RankBrain to provide you with the desired results in minimum time. A genuine and well-portrayed web page always earns better search engine ranking on Google.

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