How to Establish a Unique Domain Name

How to Establish a Unique Domain Name

Choosing a good, unique domain name is not as simple as you might think. Millions and millions of domains have already been registered, and the online market is expanding rapidly so that trend will not stop soon. If you want to launch a site for your business, a specific product or some service, you need to sit and think carefully about a name that will reflect your idea in the best possible way. Here are some tips that will help you to choose a domain name that everyone will recognize immediately.


Find a few keywords and combine them, because that will help Google search. For example, if you have a bookstore named “Plato,” it would be better to choose the name “platobookstore” than just “Plato”. You can also combine evergreen words that will make the name of your domain stand out.

Your Domain Must be Unique

Your domain should not resemble another existing domain (by adding one more letter or something similar). It will confuse users and Google can lead them to some other address.

Name of Your Domain Should be Short

Less is more. Think about a short name that is catchy, unique and recognizable, but it’s not an abbreviation that no one can relate to your business. Think of it, but don’t rush it, because memorable phrases can get overlooked.

Simplicity is the Key

A domain name should be easy to write, simple to read and easy to remember. Imagine a situation in which someone asks you for your site name, and you can’t remember it, or you have to say it multiple times to the stakeholder so they can understand what you are saying. Remember: easy, simple and catchy.


Your domain is your brand, so for your domain name, you should use some phrase or word that has already defined your work. So people can connect the domain name with you and your business. You can also invent a name: invented names must have a meaning connected to your business, so try and use some familiar parts of speech that correlate with your business in some way and make sense.


The name of your domain should link your site to site content that visitors expect to see when they read the name. People should know where that link will take them before they click on it. Also, if you work locally, it’s easier – just think about what your customers search and what they expect to find.

Try to Avoid Numbers or Hyphens

Honestly, the first thing you can think of when you see domain with numbers is confusion. Unless your business or brand has a number in its name, try to avoid it, because it can be difficult for someone to find you. Overlooking the hyphen or number is much easier than overlooking the letter. If you have a number in your name it’s better to write it with letters, than with digits (nine is better than 9).

Stay Away From Misuse

When you choose the perfect name for your domain you have to check if it’s used by another company that could sue you for misusing their name. Also, you can think about trademarking your name, for the same reason.

Protect Yourself From Competition

When you are choosing a name, think of all similar names that your competition might have and mislead potential customers to their site. It would be good for you to capture that kind of name first and prevent competition from taking over domains and leads.

Generic or National Domain

When you’re creating a worldwide website it is best to choose .com domain. Most international companies use that domain and the clients will first look if you are at that domain. However, if your target market is in a specific country, for example, Italy, it is best to select the .it domain. Searching Google from Italy, most results will be from the local, Italian market.

Register Your Domain

When you create your domain name, make sure you buy it from an authorized domain registry. Choose a company that will meet all your requirements, and be the best choice for you. The domain registry must be affordable and reliable. Nowadays, you can register your perfect domain name while you purchase hosting service for your site. Websiteplanet recommends Hostinger which could be your choice to have it all in one package – hosting and domain registration.

For a good position on Google search, it’s not enough just to choose the right domain name – it is necessary to have original content and apply many SEO principles.

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