How to Write an Article like an Expert

How to Write an Article like an Expert

Articles can be of several categories and of a different genre, articles chiefly revolves around the audience or the readers. Knowing how to write an article has become very competitive and crucial on the internet.

Even though you know article writing and already have a brilliant theme and topic in your mind. You will notice that most of the themes and subjects have been formerly covered by all other internet users.

Then you will have to brainstorm topics and find out something exceptional and engaging. It will not only convey a message to your audience but will create a sense of delight and satisfaction in them when they read your article.

“Stats also claim that more than 90% of B2B Marketers consider Content Marketing the best strategy to connect with the audiences and Articles are the prime parts of this strategy.”

When it comes to Content Marketing, immaculate inclusion of right SEO strategy and quality. Articles are considered the best organic strategy to optimize the online presence of businesses.

Importance of SEO Compatibility in Article Writing

In this age of competition, it also becomes important to understand how the playing field and the competitors actually work. Going by the analysis that you do on the competitor, it doesn’t take long to find that they rely on Search Engine Optimisation.

It is something that has surely gained a great deal of popularity. You should always try to write an article that is SEO friendly.

Search Engine Optimisation, in a nutshell, is a method of enhancing the effectiveness and the efficiency of the content. You wish to share with the users for the search engines. It is basically done to rank higher in the search results.

Now, this statement doesn’t demand any justification or explanation. Ranking higher is the main thing that is directly proportional to the traffic you get on your website. You just have to start with researching the keywords and then choose one. You have to write the quality article keeping that keyword in context and all this makes it an SEO friendly article.

However, despite SEO being a significant factor in internet marketing, quality of content is the deciding factor behind the profitable performance of an article.

This article will give you a profound and complete idea of how to write an article with top notch quality.

The entire Internet business or depends on articles and if you master the way of how to write an article without any difficulty or dilemma. It is going to be extremely beneficial for you and the creative writer in you.

Shaping your theme with the way you write and you think is going to create an exceptionally effective outlook for your audience.

Shaping the theme of your Article

Even if you know how to write an article you will also have to put in a lot of effort in deciding the subject and your theme of the article. Few article kinds are best suited to a certain subject.

Elementary Article – where information is passed on to the audience in a more imaginative and original way.

In what ways – articles like these tell the readers in what ways or how a job or an assignment carried out, completed and achieved.

Sketch, outline or biography – these articles include knowledge and material about an individual. It is created by absolute history and by extensive communication with the distinct being.

Tips on How to Write an Article

Know why are you writing this article

A gesture or a sign which is neglected or ignored by the society or the masses.

What message or information you want to convey through your article?

For example, if you are writing about a company which produces travel goods, what would you emphasize more on? The products or its uses when traveling.

To write an article you need to make your paragraphs crisp and brief

You definitely need to be concerned about the property and attribute of your article, but also in the meantime, you don’t want your article to be read as a prolonged piece of content.

You need to attract a lot of attention from your audience; hence it should be factual, informative but competent and sufficient.

An article should carry a lot of essence and matter

The worst article will be if it does not include substance and matter in it.

It should be noticeable enough to the readers. Contents need to ideate in a way to educate, deliver sense and purpose.

The structure and arrangement of articles –

(i) A theme of the article

(ii) Author’s name

(iii) Soul of the article

(iv) An outcome of the article.

Study articles of famous and well know people

On the internet, you will find in numerous articles written by famous and universal writers, pen down appealing phrases whenever you see or hear them.

Try to get as many inspirations as possible

Research and produce records of probable topics which you think would interest you to write articles on. You need to know what inspires you to write an article.

Try to select a topic which you are fond of

Nothing can be more appealing to the readers if you are enthusiastic and highly spirited about the topic.

Your passion and enthusiasm will reflect highly on your article, but not always you will be able to write articles which will be a topic or subject of your interest, but still try to find some exceptional substance in it which inspires you to research thoroughly.

It has been evident in most cases that people tend to ignore the importance of researching when they are writing about the topic they are familiar with.

This practice might seem time and effort saving but surely would have an adverse effect on your readers as passing some information without researching can surely impact their trust and loyalty.

Conduct exploration and research about your theme or topic

To learn how to write an article it is very important to know the advantages and disadvantages of the selected topic you are writing on.

You can use resources and take information about a topic from a book and do extensive analysis and investigation on those topics. Your resource can be taken from anywhere for example- books, movies, documentaries, sports tournaments and many more.

You will also find a variety of knowledge and information on the internet if researched in a proper manner.

Refine and question your own topic and discussion

When you write something and also write the mistreatment of the very same topic, it catches more and more attention of the readers.

You may even try and make a mention of your previous article on the same topic so that users become familiar with you and the website.

This also goes a long way in establishing backlinks and allowing the users to take a tour of all the information you have to offer.

Implement your article only with reputable and authentic roots

Whenever we think of authenticity, the first thing which comes to our mind is newspapers.

Newspapers can be a very useful and authentic root for researching about the article you want to write.

Or you can find any other authentic roots from trustworthy resources as well. You will find the authenticity of your resource if you keep a few things in mind such as-

(i) Data and Figures

(ii) Citations, extracts, and passages of popular people.

(iii) Characterization

(iv) Episodes (crisp tales about an individual or yourself)

(v) Statement of movies, print media, etc.

Having said that, always try and check whether the figures that you have collected and are eventually planning to use are correct and trustable or not.

This might seem like a time-consuming process, but is surely an excellent practice that can be inculcated while writing an article.

Build your article up in a more distinguishing way

Cross check each relevant trail in your article if your article is lengthy divide it into many specks. Juxtaposing complex knowledge will attract the attention of your readers highly.

Take care of your reader’s requirements

Picture yourself as the reader and think about what the reader requires from your article; make a note of all the benefits and information you will gain as a reader from the article.

The titles of your topic- The titles of your topic should be eye-catching, crisp and should provide enough information to the readers about the topic.

Knowing your topics and themes

When you are done with extensive research for writing your article try to make an index of your article.

Discover an uncommon twist for your Article

The moment you have simplified your topic and reduced it to one form it is the time for you to know how you can build your article to be distinct and prominent.

Avoid copying any other persons work

Plagiarism should be refrained from using in an article, even if you take facts and advice from other articles you should be well aware of how to accumulate that information.

Determine the proportion of your Article

Your article does not need to be lengthy to convey strong and impactful messages, you might sometimes also have to work according to certain word limits and length you should work tactfully with these parameters.

While writing the article, you need to follow certain parameters to write an article which would answer the question in your mind about how to write an article-

How to write Articles by Following a Structure

To understand how to write articles that ensure the expected outcomes, paying attention to the proper structure of the article is also significant here. Let us have a look on that as well-


Start with a prominent beginning explaining about the further article.

Chase your Subject

When you have compiled your article into a narrower aspect follow that aspect throughout your article, this will help you to move further with your article.

Apply suitable Framework

The audience who is reading your article definitely does not know so much about the subject of your article like you do. Try to put in circumstantial advice for your readers.

Demonstrate your article with a Proper Picture

Try to put detailed and vivid information to give your readers a good understanding of your article.

Introduce your own Style and Trait

When you are writing an article you would definitely want to introduce your signature style and trait, this would help the readers to know about you and understand your signature style when they read your article. This would increase a lot of respect towards you from your readers.

Write a Great Ending

If you started your article with an episode you should reopen it in your ending. Endings are mostly concrete when you use an example, giving your audience a vision to think forward.

Using additional information

Try to give your audience an additional written or graphical matter

Including pictures, statistics and additional data would help to keep the reader’s attention active and uninterrupted and that is why most of the guides on How to Write Articles suggest this tip.

Your article writing needs to be attractive, bright and comprehensible.

Revising your work

Revise your work and read it to yourself for corrections and other grammatical errors, remove additional and conflicting information. Rewrite paragraphs and episodes as necessary.

Give your article to someone else for reading

When you give your article to trustable friends or relatives of yours, ask them questions like, whether they like your article? Do they understand the points you are trying to make etc?

One such important concept can also be of copywriting. Paying attention to this will also be quite helpful in composing impressive articles for your audiences.

Role of Copywriting when you Write an Article

Many people often mistakenly end up perceiving that copywriting is a hard task.

The following brief explanation surely impressed in the task to break the hoax of copywriting being ahead concept.

It is basically related to the creation of such content that eventually induced the reader to buy a product or induces them to indulge in something that you want them to. This can be anything from a single click to making them try your offers or services.

Any person can scale the possibility of being a professional copywriter by developing writing skills. A copywriter can be anyone, be it a marketer or even a freelance writer.


In the end, keeping all these tips and the information shared in context surely goes a long way in helping you deliver an exceptional article.

Again, SEO should never be put out of context. Google is the main thing behind the success of your article and the audience it reaches. It simply determines the relevance of your article by analysis of the content it holds on various factors.

Quality is the king and this should not only be kept in context but should also be followed religiously.

Joining SEO Course would help you learn and master how to write an Article like a pro.

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