Top Digital Marketing Trends Set to Grow in 2019

Top Digital Marketing Trends Set to Grow in 2019

The world of marketing is a fickle, ever-changing beast. Indeed, much like world news unleashing its fair share of surprises, digital marketing could potentially spring a shock or two on unsuspecting businesses.

While we don’t quite have a crystal ball, we do have strong reason to believe that the following digital marketing trends will bear fruit in 2019. Hence, you should carefully prepare your business for them. Now so that you can effectively capitalize on these trends as they grow in influence this year.

Voice search

You probably won’t be surprised by this inclusion. At least not if you were one of the those who unwrapped a voice-activated “smart speaker” last Christmas. Or knows other people who did.

Devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home have taken the world by storm, allowing people to quickly search for local businesses. Just by asking their wondrous little device a question. Of course, smartphones have long been capable of responding to voice searches, too.

It’s unsurprising that, according to a Gartner prediction reported by, 30% of all web browsing sessions will, by 2020, be initiated by voice-activated searches.


Remember those old iPhone adverts with the catchy little line, “There’s an app for that”? But it looks like apps aren’t quite as appetizing as they once seemed, what with chatbots waiting in the wings.

Whereas chatbots provide a delightfully accessible means of making mobile purchases, apps are comparatively slower, not to mention that they take up more storage space on mobile devices. Besides, chatbots bring services to the customer, while apps encourage the user to do the chasing.


There’s nothing new about hailing video as an exciting social media trend; recent users of live streaming platforms like Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope will be able to attest to that. However, video bears emphasis on its ability to quickly capture attention.

Mobile devices, by their very nature, encourage short attention spans. For this reason, you need to make a positive impression quickly — and video can help you to do that. It can also come across as more authentic than blocks of soulless text to make your brand seem more trustworthy.


Staying on the subject of authenticity, you can also foster that by roping in micro-influencers. While you may already be familiar with the phenomenon of the “influencer”, someone who can promote your products transparently to their flock of followers, are you thoroughly versed on this subject?

You might have overlooked the power of “micro-influencers” — influencers with relatively small and niche audiences. Niche influencers like these can bring better results due to the more targeted communities with which these influencers engage, reveals Business 2 Community.

However, it remains crucial that you choose a micro-influencer who presents the ideal fit for your firm — and that’s where an influencer marketing agency like Socially Powerful can help.

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