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Simple and Easy ways to earn money online

People now a days more interested to earn money online. There are numerous sites in the internet offer you to make money online. But the bad things is that there are many scam web sites that won’t pay money properly. However, one legal website which will pay you is: microworkers.com.

Microworkers is a website where you can do little tasks and get little money for it. These little tasks can be as little as liking someone’s Facebook page, commenting on a YouTube video etc. By doing many little tasks will quickly add up money.

Joining microworkers is free. You can follow below steps to join microworkers.

Step 1: Go to https://microworkers.com/ and click on “Register For Free” button.

microworker signupStep 2 : Enter your details in the sign up page and click on submit button.

microworker details

Step 3 : Once you submit the details your account will be created and verification email will be sent to your email address.

Once you successfully created account ,login to your account. You will find huge number of job opportunities based on availability.

make money online jobs

Microworkers offers a wide range of jobs opportunities like Link building, promotions, advertisement, Blogs/websites, surveys, software testing, article writing etc… These jobs are very easy and do not require any specific professional skills.

Some of the jobs and its rate as follows.

1. Sign up jobs

Pay amount: $0.10-$0.40
Description: Here employers asks you to sign up to some site. Just go to that site and sign up.

2. Click and search jobs

Pay amount: $0.10-$0.25
Description: They will give you some keywords to find out.

3. Bookmark a page

Pay amount: $0.10-$0.20
Description: In this kind of job you need to bookmark some sites in some social bookmarking sites.

4. Write an article

Pay amount: $0.50-$3.00
Description: You need to write article on topic given by them.

You can withdraw your money when your balance is more than $9.00. Microworkers pay through Payza and Moneybookers.
It is the best way to make money online is to register in this site. Your earnings may be less but it will motivate and inspire to take digital marketing seriously.
You can contact microworkers.com Helpdesk incase you have any issues at: https://microworkers.com/contact.php
To know more about microworkers go through https://microworkers.com/faq.php



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