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Linking Domain name to web host

Connecting Your Domain Name to Your Web Host

Once you have a domain name and web hosting space, you have to link it. To point your domain name to web host you need to perform simple operation. If you have any problems in registering a domain name or getting web hosting space, contact godaddy.com support. The support team is available 24 X 7 and help you to solve your problem. You can reach out to them at https://in.godaddy.com/contact-us.aspx.

Now You can link your domain name to the web hosting space. This post will guide you to link your domain name to web hosting space. Once it is done, when anybody open your domain name in their browser, they will be able to see the website present on your web hosting space.



Follow the below steps to link your domain name to website hosting space.

Step-1: Open the welcome email from your web hosting company. This email contains your domain nameservers (DNS). Domain name server is a system, which converts domain name into IP address. Domain names are alphabetic which are easy to remember for us. But for internet  it should be an IP address.

Step-2: Go to your domain management panel from where you have taken the domain name.

Step-3: At your domain management panel, look for options like: Change Nameservers/DNS, Update DNS, Transfer DNS to Web host etc. Click on such link.

Step-4: Enter the DNS which you have (DNS from Step 1). 

Step-5: Wait for a few hours (it may take 24 hours) for the DNS propagation.

Once you finished with above steps, You have successfully linked your domain name to the web host.

If you are facing difficulty to link your domain name to your website, you can contact the support team from where you bought the domain name or the web hosting space and they will suggest you.

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