Website building concepts – Basic HTML

Basics of HTML

HTML is very easy. Don’t think that it is very complex and you can’t learn it. You can learn basic HTML within few hours and you will be very comfortable around it. 

To learn Basic HTML is very important in the digital marketing career.

What is HTML?

HTML is Hyper text markup language. It is a language used to describe web pages.

What is a web browser?

Web browser in short browser is a tool which is used to retrieve and display content on the world wide web. It reads the HTML documents and display them as web pages.

A Basic HTML Example

basic HTML Example

The above image is a simple example of HTML. We will explain you each step and how it will display in web browser.

  • The first line contains DOCTYPE declaration which defines the document type of the HTML.
  • The text between and describes an HTML document.
  • The Head section contains information about HTML document.
  • The title tag defines title for the document.
  • The body tag describes the content of the page, which is visible.
  • h1 describes a heading.
  • p tag describes a paragraph.

How the page looks in a web browser?

To view this page in web browser, you need to save it in .html extension. Then, open that file in browser. The page looks as below.

Basic HTML webpage

There are other tags that can be added to this code, like bold, underline, text colors and images.

Heading Tags : There are 6 heading tags from h1 to h6. h1 defines most important and h6 defines least important heading.

Line break : ‘br’ element defines line break. This is an empty tag which doesn’t have closing tag.

Image : Images are defined using ‘img’ tag which is an empty tag. The alt attribute of the img tag defines alternative text for the image if image is not displayed.

You can learn about other basic HTML tags/elements in w3schools site. Click on the below link to learn more about HTML.


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