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Website building concepts – Domain Names

Choosing A Domain Name

Consider the below domain names.

Here ‘google’,’mozilla’, ‘portswigger’ are the domain names and ‘.com’, ‘.org’, ‘.net’ are the domain extensions.

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Following are Important things to keep in mind:

  • .COM is the most popular domain extension followed by .NET and .ORG.
  • .IN is a popular extension for Indian market, so if your website focuses on Indian market, then .IN extension is good.
  • It is prefer to get .COM domain, if it is available.

To check whether a domain name is available or not you have to register in the following site. This site will help you to check availability of multiple domains at once.

 Choosing your Domain Name


  • Easy to type: Domain name should be easy to type. For example: is a good domain name, but is not, because people will confuse ‘4’ with ‘for’ and ‘u’ with ‘you’.
  • Prefer short names: If your domain name is long and complicated,  visitors may mistype or misspell it. So a having shorter domain name is always a good idea.
  • Avoid numerics and special characters: These things make difficult to remember domain names for visitors. So don not use numerics and special characters in domain name.
  • Use memorable/catchy words: Your domain name should be easy to remember. If it is catchy, it is even better. Share it with some of your friends and family members and ask their feedback on that.
  • Make sure that it should not be same as other websites and it should not violate any trademark.

Some of the useful links to help you to get good domain names. information about various domain extensions.

If you are finding difficulty in choosing domain names shortlist few names and do a small survey among your friends and family. If you like 3, then ask 20 people that you know and select the most voted one.

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Please note that ‘.in’ domain names are cheaper than ‘.com’ domain names. 


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