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Selecting Right Topic for your Website


Selecting topic for your website is a very important step. Consider following points to choose your website topics. 

1. If you are going create website on the topic which you like is a great thing.

2. People spend time to know about niche before they buy products.

3. The niche should not be too much Competitive.

4. You can promote some products in your niche through affiliate networks, that is even better.

Let’s discuss above points one by one.

You should Like the topic yourself on which you are creating website

First you should like the topic so you won’t be getting bored and you won’t be contribute much. You can grow in field if it becomes your hobby and you love doing it.  

More People looking at your niche for information.

If lot of people looking at your website to get enough information then your website traffic increases.  

Your niche should not be too competitive

The niche you choose should not be direct competitor with big companies. For example, if you want to provide information about Health you should make a blog on “Natural Health Tips”. So while creating websites you can make a website on ‘Natural Health Tips’, ‘Weight loss Health Tips’ etc. 

Advertisers to promote their products

It is always good to place ads on your website. For example: Check and and see their best-selling products. So you can add those products in your website.

Here are some website topics/niches for you 

  • Accessories – Cosmetics, Handbags, Jewelry, Shoes
  • Art/Photo/Music – Art, Music, Photo
  • Books/Media – Books, Magazines, News, Television, Videos/Movies
  • Business – Marketing, Office, Travel
  • Careers – Employment
  • Clothing – Children’s, Men’s, Women’s
  • Computer & Electronics – Computer HardWare, Computer Support, Computer Software, Peripherals
  • Education – Children, College, Languages, Professional
  • Entertainment
  • Family – Babies, Children, Entertainment, Teens, Weddings
  • Financial services – Banking/Trading, Credit Cards, Investment, Loans, Real Estate Services
  • Food & Drinks – Groceries, Restaurants, Wine & Spirits
  • Games & Toys – Electronic Toys, Games, Toys
  • Gifts & Flowers – Care Packages, Collectibles, Flowers, Gifts, Greeting Cards
  • Health & Beauty – Cosmetics, Health Food, Nutritional Supplements, Pharmaceuticals, Vision Care, Wellness
  • Insurance – Commercial, Personal Insurance
  • Legal Services
  • Recreation & Leisure – Astrology, Betting/Gaming, Communities, Events, Matchmaking, New Age, Outdoors, Party Goods
  • Sports & Fitness – Exercise & Health, Professional Sports Organizations, Sports, WaterSports
  • Travel – Accessories, Air, Car, Hotel, Luggage, Vacation
  • Web Services – Banner ads, Domain Registrations, Email Marketing, Internet Service Providers, Intranets, Search Engine, Web Design, Web Hosting/Servers, Web Tools

There are so many Useful tools to know what people are searching online i.e Keyword suggestion tools:

By using following tools, if you enter something like ‘health’ you will get to know what people are searching around it.

Topics which are interest to you, consider those topics. If you are facing difficulty in finding topics shortlist few website topics and survey among your friends and family. You will get an idea of topic which is trendy.

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