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Adding a Amazon Affiliate Store to your Blog

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Amazon Affiliate Store

Amazon Associate is one of the best way to earn money online through your blog’s traffic. In this programs you are suggesting visitors to purchase products from Amazon associates and earn commission from same. In this post, we are discussion on how to add amazon affiliate store to your blog.

First you need to visit Amazon associate website and sign up for the same before adding Amazon affiliate store. Once you are signed up , you need to login to account. Click on ‘aStore’ which is a quick store that you can be added to web page directly. So click on ‘aStore’ to proceed with the same.

Then you will be asked to add new tracking ID, which help you to track the webpage from which you received sales. The tracking ID’s can include alphanumeric characters, dashes, underscores and it ends with -20 to make it as unique. Next you need to create ‘aStore’ Pages.

There are 3 options to select products from Amazon’s inventory.

  • Hand Pick products for each page.
  • Display products from Amazon Listmania products
  • Display Products that belong to selected amazon categories and sub categories. Here pages will automatically display selling products from selected categories. Then you can streamline the content of category to include products that has specific keyword.

You can customize color, design of your store by applying changes to theme. You can also edit by yourself if you know CSS by using  edit CSS option beside your store name. Generally store name will be given as name of the niche like gadgets store, sports store etc.. You can upload custom logo which should be maximum size of 200×75.

Next, sidebar widgets. This is the area where you can add similar products and can be configured in either right or left. Displaying similar products is a advantage because there may be more chances of sale by showing more options to customers. Show Amazon wishlist and listmania too. If somebody is your fan, he may buy products from your wishlist.

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In the last page you need to publish the store and would get a link which you can directly share with others or you can embed the store using an inline frame.

  • A simple link to store as a standalone site.
  • Embed products using an inline frame.
  • Embed store using a frameset.

If you want to go for the inline frame option you would get a iFrame based code which you need to insert using the HTML to  other pages of your WordPress blog.


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