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Adding Adsense ads in a blog

Now a days, people are more interested in creating blogs and earning money through it. The main thing in earning money through blogs is adding Adsense ads in blogs.

Placing the Adsense Ads on the Sidebar

ad sense The best place to add your ads is Sidebar of the blog.WordPress widgets are convenient method to customize WordPress. You can add ads or move ads by simple drag and drop process.

There are some plugins available to add adsense ads to blog posts.The most used one is Adsense Deluxe. Adsense deluxe will be already installed when you are install blog.You need to activate and configure it. If it is not installed you can install it by yourself.It is very easy to install this plugin. You just need to copy .php files of adsense deluxe to plugins.

Placing the Adsense Ads on Top and Bottom of the Posts

If you want to add adsense ads on the top of the page, you need to put them on the main index or index.php files. So search for index.php file available in the editor and add ads near to code close to top of the page.

ad sense You can follow same steps to place ads on single post(single.php), page template(page.php), archives(archive.php). You can search for different files and place ads in different locations. For example to place ads at the bottom of every page, you need to update single.php file. But it is important to save text of all files before you editing it.

Other than above mentioned two places, you can also place ads in between posts, below the header, below the post title etc..

You can also add adsense ads through widgets. First decide where you want to add ads, so you can add using WordPress widgets. Go to appearance, then widgets in the dashboard. Drag and drop the “text” widget to proper area and paste adsense code.

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