Best Survey Tools: Create Beautiful Surveys For Free!

Best Survey Tools: Create Beautiful Surveys For Free!


Whether you are starting a new business, designing a new product, or revamping your site – asking people is the best way!

And how you can ask them? By conducting surveys!

But how do you even start a survey? Of course with the help of a tool! If you don’t know which tool is the best to use, then here is the list of free tools to create surveys.

The best free tools to create surveys:

Google Form

If you have a Google account, then you have access to a survey tool. For a quick poll or a top-level overview, Google forms are one of the easiest tools. Moreover, you can keep your account private or public and sync it with Google sheets to robotically accumulate all the responses, allowing you to analyze your survey data on your own instead of paying an external firm to collect and sort the relevant data for you.


LimeSurvey offers numerous benefits with its free features. However, there are some paid features as well, but only for phone or email support. LimeSurvey has an entire association of designers and employers who can assist you through any hitches.

The added advantage of this open source survey is that it’s multilingual, beyond 80 different languages. You can have unlimited supervisors, but you are only allowed to receive 25 answers per month through your surveys.


To create a survey through PollDaddy, you need to have a WordPress account to log in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use their service if you don’t have a blog or if you use a different platform to build your website. It’s just easier to create a survey if you have a WordPress account. An additional benefit you can gain is offline data gathering.

If you download the PollDaddy app in your iOS mobile device or tablet, you can assemble responses on the road, at the gardens, or at an exhibition or conference room; anywhere your ideal audience is situated.

However, PollDaddy doesn’t allow data exporting, which means you can only see responses on the cumulative platform. This outlook is quite helpful for those who want to have an overview or aren’t good with their analytical skills.

Survey Monkey

It is one of the most popular free survey tools available on the web with paid features as well. However, free features include:

  • 10 questions
  • 15 question type
  • 100 respondents
  • Light theme customization and templates

The system is well designed, easy-to-use, and you can entrench surveys quickly. And similar to PollDaddy, you cannot export data here as well.


Typeform is ruling the online sector for creating surveys. Typeform’s interface is user-friendly and attractive, which reflects the company’s vision.

The free version, coined Core Plan, has so many features to offer:

  • Unlimited questions
  • Unlimited answers
  • Custom design themes or choices for templates
  • Data export
  • Basic reporting

The above-mentioned great features are impossible to find in a free version, especially the countless questions and answers.

Zoho Survey

Zoho is another decent survey creator after Google forms. The free version offers:

  • Unlimited surveys
  • 150 survey questions
  • 150 responses

However, the paid features are much more useful that starts at $39/month.


If you are not planning to get tons of responses, then SurveyGizmo can be an excellent choice. They provide a colorful looking survey even with the free version. However, Survey Gizmo has a limited free version that includes:

  • Free templates
  • Several basic question types
  • Unlimited surveys and questions
  • 50 respondents
  • Option to export to CSV
  • Basic reporting


Finding your ideal survey tool from so many options available on the web can be difficult. However, the best online survey tool entirely depends on your business requirement and budget. Starting your survey with Google forms can be an ideal choice! It’s free and offers much more than any other survey tool with an easy-to-use interface.

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