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Create SEO friendly images for your blogs

This post is about how to create SEO friendly images in WordPress. Optimization of images may load web page faster but it doesn’t ensure SEO friendly images. If your blogs is on images, it is important to make it SEO friendly, because search engines like google, yahoo etc..understand images only trough ALT text.

You can create SEO optimized images in 2 ways.
   1.  Manually Add Alt and Title Tags to Image
   2.  By using WordPress Plugins

Adding Alt and title tag to images Manually

Whenever you upload new images to your post, you will get a option to add alt and title tags. These things take care of SEO. You can add alt and title text manually each time you upload image which makes a easy way to adding alt and title texts.

adding alt tag to wordpress images manuallyAdding Alt tag to WordPress images Using WordPress Plugin

If you want to add alt and title tags to already existing images which don’t have these tags, then updating all the images will take lot of time. So you can use WordPress plugins to update image’s alt and title tags.

There is a popular and most useful WordPress plugin called SEO Friendly Images plugin which quickly adds alt tags to images.

SEO friendly images plugin

SEO friendly images plugin optimizes images for search engine and here you follow the instructions to use this plugin.

Install SEO friendly images plugin and activate it. Link for downloading this plugin –

Once activated, go to Settings  then SEO friendly images to configure the settings.

SEO Friendly images settingsBy using this plugin, you can automatically add title and alt tag to your images. Even though search engines uses alt tag to understand image, adding title to image is also a best way to name your image.

Giving proper name to the image before uploading is the best way to use this plugin. Instead of uploading images with name “img1.jpg” it should have a  keyword rich name “SEO image.jpg”.

It is better to use %name for ALT tag and %title for title tag. This will increase the on page SEO for your blog. Along with SEO friendly plugins, it is good to install image optimization plugins which help to optimize the size of the images and increases the page load time.

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