google maps wordpress plugin

Google Maps WordPress Plugin

How to Add Google Maps WordPress Plugin in  blogs?

You can add google map in your WordPress post and guide your readers or visitors. Adding Google map to your posts is not as easy as adding any video to your post. Because it needs Google maps WordPress plugin and Google Maps API for which you need to sign up.

Google Maps API Key Sign Up

Sign up for Google Maps API Key before you get started with Google Maps API key. Use below link for sign up.

You can embed google maps into your webpages, whether it will be a WordPress blog or any other web pages.The API key which is generated for you will be valid for complete domain.

google map APIYou will get an API key once you enter domain name in which you want to add Google Maps.

API keyNow download Inline Google Maps plugin which is the google maps WordPress Plugin from WordPress Plugins Directory. Upload this plugin to your plugins folder in the WordPress dashboard and Activate it.

Go to settings, in Inline Google Maps Tab you will find settings of this plugin. Enter Google Maps API key which you received from the sign up process.

You can use this plugin in your websites and help the website visitors to find locations by adding location maps. You can change width and height of the map by changing the setting.

Once the plugin is activated and API key entered, it is ready to start working. Now, you can check Google Maps for your required locations. For example, I am searching for best colleges in Bangalore, for this I need to search Bangalore map using Google maps search box.

Once the Map is loaded, you can find Link option in the right side top corner of the map. Click on it and copy the ‘Paste Link in email or IM’ code. Paste it into your WordPress blog’s Write Post section.

Here you need to write “Google Map” and click on insert link option to insert link. Make sure that title for this link should be “googlemaps”. Once you add this link code, and publish it, the map works perfectly.

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