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How to Reduce blog bounce rate?

Reduce Blog Bounce rate and improve page view count

Bounce rate is nothing but percentage of people who visits site and leave your page without checking any other pages in your website. It is important to track bounce rate for your website to know whether visitors are interested in your content or not. You can use Google analytics to check bounce rate of your website. So you can take steps to reduce blog bounce rate.

It is good to have lower bounce rate because, it will increase page views number, good for SEO, you will get to know whether visitor like your page or not.

In this post we will recommend you to use a WordPress plugin which decreases the bounce rates and also increases the page views. This plugin displays related articles along with thumbnail, so that your blog gets great look.

The WordPress plugin called, LinkWithin which increases visitors time on your website and increase page view count. To get started with this plugin you need to enter your email address, your blog address, the platform you are using to build blog and number of stories you would like to display below your post. After that go to Get widget option to get a file and upload it on your WordPress plugin folder.

bounce rate

You can also follow below steps to reduce blog bounce rate

Use responsive WordPress themes

Now a days people are accessing web through tablets, smartphones.So building responsive page reduce bounce rate from mobile users.

Improve WordPress loading time

Reduce loading time of your web page by caching, image slicing or installing plugins. These will improve load time of your site. If load time of your website is good, you will see decrease in bounce rate.

Use internal links

using internal website links in your blog or site will reduce blog bounce rate and increase search engine ranking.More the internal link your blog have lesser the bounce rate.

Add your advertisements carefully

Destructive ads increase the bounce rate.Insert ads in the sidebars and below the post. When you insert them within content make sure it is separated from content.Try to avoid adding popups on your site.

By following above points you can reduce blog bounce rate and increase page views also.

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