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How to reset WordPress Password via Phpmyadmin

There may be chances you might have forgot your WordPress login details. Here are 2 ways to reset WordPress password.

1. Request for resetting Password
2. If above doesn’t work you can reset password via phpmyadmin in Cpanal account.

Requesting for Password Reset

Login to your blog’s dashboard to access your WordPress Admin page. If you are not able to login to your account, you will be shown an error page message “Please enter your username or email address”.

So you need to remember either username or email address which is linked to your WordPress admin account. Once you give these details, you will receive password reset link to your email.  Click on the link to type in new password, confirm it and reset your password.

Reset WordPress password via phpmyadmin in Cpanal account

You can also reset WordPress password by login to your hosting Cpanel account. Search for ‘PhpMyAdmin’ under that click on databases option and click on it.

You will see a lot of tables on the left side of the window. Search for ‘wp_users’ table and click to open it.

On the right hand side, you will find your WordPress blog users and click on the edit option near the user details section.

Reset wordpress password via phpmyadminOnce you click on the edit option,  you will find different fields of table “wp_users”. Now, you can change the datatype of user_pass from varchar(255) to MD5 and enter new value for password.

password reset

This is how you can change your password.The new value you added in user_pass field will be your WordPress login password. You can also change your email address of wp-admin in the same way as shown above.

Other than above two options you can change password through your WordPress dashboard, if you already know your previous password.

1. Login to your WordPress dashboard

2. Click on users at the left side of the menu

3. Click on edit option of admin user.

4. At the bottom you will see a option to set new password.Enter new password twice and click on update profile.

5. Now you see a message “Profile updated”.

You can visit for more information about reset WordPress password.

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