Secure WordPress website

Secure WordPress website from hackers

Secure WordPress Website

WordPress is the most used CMS and which can be easily hacked. Here are few tips to secure WordPress website from hackers.

Wordpress Security

Always update your WordPress to latest version and try to install using cPanal. By doing this, you are installing safer version of WordPress. Install plugins which are verified by WordPress themes and available in WordPress plugins database.

Always choose the best web host that you can afford. I would recommend few of them.
    A2 Hosting

Download plugins or themes from known sources. Sometimes you might change permission of files while installing WordPress plugins or WordPress themes. Some plugins like WordPress anti spam plugins, it change permissions automatically and created some jobs.So files executes automatically. Hence give permissions carefully while installing plugins and themes. Make sure you have deleted plugins which you are not using.

Make sure you update WordPress to latest version regularly, it makes your blogs updated to latest version and keep it safe from hackers.Ensure you have a backup before updating WordPress.

Try to give strong passwords. Instead of giving names or numericals , it is better to use combination of strings, numericals, specials characters. The more the strong your password is your blogs are less vulnerable to hackers. Keep changing your password.

You can use Microsoft password checker to check the strength of your password.Try not to use password which are already used online because search engine like google index it. You can also use Firefox add-ons like pwdHash to generate password per site.

Don’t log in to your blog from third party systems, like public PCs, Cyber centers. Because some systems might have installed with keyloggers , which can hack your sites. Make sure the system you are using has anti-virus installed because if anti virus is not installed, that will spoil all the themes and plugins that you are going to install. Check your blog code to find if any links have been added to it without your notice.

To make your WordPress blog safe it is recommended to install security plugins. These plugins scans database, offers firewall protection, file permission control, and many other things to secure WordPress website.

Here are few most popular security plugins.

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