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How to Submit your sites to Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools


Microsoft has upgraded its Bing Webmaster tools and services and offers list of different options available to users. You can access to get stated with it. Sign in to make use of webmaster tool.

Next login to your Live account which can be the account or account and get access to the Bing Webmaster Tools section through which you can handle your websites easily. This is the most recommended tool same as Google Webmaster Tools. It is offered by Microsoft. Enter your website URL like ‘‘ and proceed with the submission.

Bing webmaster tools - add siteOnce you submitted website URL, you will be asked to verify ownership of website you are submitting. It mandatory to verify ownership because the website information is provided to only authorize owners. There are two methods available to get started with it.

In the first option, download the BingSiteAuth.xml file and upload to your web hosting server. After that file can be accessed at “”. Click verify button once it is uploaded.

In the second option, you will be provided with a meta tag that has to be added in the header part of the blog or website. In case of blog, access header.php file and add code above </head> tag. Once you added delete the cache data if you are using cache plugins like WP Super Cache and click verify button. This is useful for‘s blogs since they can’t upload files so they click on edit html and add verification code in meta section.

Once your website is verified , the statistics information will be displayed after 3 days. Next you need to submit sitemap to Bing by clicking on Crawl link and click on sitemaps to proceed. Once sitemap is submitted, verified, submission date along with status will be displayed.

After some days you can find traffic data and analyses search query performance for a period of 6 months. You can get total number of pages indexed and statistics of malware infected from the index summary. This process is more useful for bloggers who want to get traffic from Bing search engine.

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