What WordPress Theme is That : How to Check ?

What WordPress Theme is That: How to Check?

There are numerous great-looking and awesomely working websites out there which you may want to replicate for your client’s projects. However, if you want to create a website somewhat similar to the one you saw elsewhere then you first need to identify which theme that particular website is using. There are tools that can help you find the WordPress Theme a particular website is using. These tools will help you find about the theme plus the plugins associated with the website. A plugin is used to extend the functionality of a theme. There are thousands of distinct plugins such as WordPress brute force protection plugins, WooCommerce plugin (if the website is an eCommerce website) and so forth. You can choose any plugin to add extra functionality to your website.

What WordPress Theme is That

It is a free online service. This service helps you detect what WordPress theme your likable website is created with. Sometimes we like the fact that a website is using a video in the background. Of course, there are amazing WordPress video background plugins that can help you do so, the only thing to know the right plugin. Simply enter the website’s URL and click on the search button. And all the information regarding the theme and plugins will be displayed on the screen soon.

It will show you what WordPress theme and plugins a certain website is using. What WordPress Theme is That, is a quick and easy to use tool that gives you the information about the theme but not in as elaborated form as some of its rivals do. But overall it’s a great tool to use.


Those who work with Chrome can easily use this WPSniffer. WPSniffer is a Chrome extension that shows you which WordPress theme a site is using. However, it doesn’t give the elaborated details about the theme or Author. It just provides the overview and links to the Google results which provide you the further information. It is simple to use option. And make sure you keep the list of best WordPress page builders handy. So you don’t have to struggle with the code later.

If you think WPSniffer is giving you all the required information about the theme and this information is complete enough then WPSniffer is the one for you.


ScanWP is another powerful web-based theme detecting tool for detecting theme and plugins used by a WordPress website. The working mechanism of ScanWP is quite similar to that of other tools. You just have to enter the URL of the website which you want to check and ScanWP will do the rest. You will receive information like Theme Title, Theme Image, Theme Image, URL, Version, Author, Description, Plugins, Tags, Price.

If you find ScanWP interesting and thinks that it can fulfill your website’s requirements then you can go ahead with it. You can create a multilingual WordPress website with these plugins.

WP Theme Detector

WP Theme Detector is one free online tool to check the theme used by a particular website. It gives information about the theme as well as the plugins associated with the website. Not only the name of the theme but also the availability of the theme, price, and how many other websites are using the same theme also comes as additional information.

WP Theme Detector also provides the theme provider information along with the provider popularity. It tells you how much popular the used theme is. Giving you this detailed information about the theme might take some extra seconds.

What Theme

What Theme is a wonderfully crafted theme detecting tool. The biggest advantage of What Theme is that it not only detects for WordPress but also for Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Blogger, Shopify, and Ghost. It is released a year back or so. But one of the main drawback of using What Theme is that it doesn’t detect the child theme. And probably that is the main reason why it lacks in popularity among other options.

Use this tool if you want to know that a site is using a WordPress theme or not. As you are going to create a new website, SEO is the main aspect to take care of. So, to design SEO WordPress theme you should have some good hold over SEO techniques such as on page SEO, off page SEO and so on.


All these tools are worth a try. Forget the pain of creating a theme from scratch. And use the already built with little or no modifications. Make sure you take the demo of the theme you like on the other website before you actually use it for your website. Because it might be the possibility that the theme a website is using has gone through a lot of customization and you’re seeing the final product. To get the same final result and feel, consider every prospect.

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