Wordpress blog conversion

WordPress Blog conversion to Blogger

How to convert WordPress Blog to Blogger?

Blogger is most powerful and largely used publishing platform because it helps the beginners who wants to learn blogging quickly and easily to create blogs. Many people use WordPress platform to publish their content but some may have problem with WordPress platform, so they wanted to migrate from WordPress to blogger.In this post we are providing step by step guide for WordPress blog conversion to blogger.

It is not easy to migrate WordPress blog to blogger platform, so here we will suggest you to follow simple steps to transfer wordpress blog to blogger. You need to import data from wordpress and then convert data to blogger format and then import into blogger platform. Because blogger accept only their format.

WordPress blog conversion To Blogger

Follow below steps to convert WordPress blog to blogger.

1. First you need to import data from WordPress. Below steps explain you how to export WordPress content.
        a. Login to WordPress account and select the blog which you want to convert to blogger platform.
        b. Go to tools option in the left panel of WordPress dashboard and click on export option.

export blog           c. Check “All Content” radio button under “Choose What to Export” section.Here you can also select pages, posts, feedback. Next click on “Download Export file” to download all WordPress content.

2. Convert into Blogger Format

Go to WordPress to Blogger app’s page like https://wordpress2blogger1.appspot.com/ to convert wordpress file to blogger format. Upload your exported file to and then click on Convert. After conversion download converted file on your system.

 3. Import Blog to Blogger

Follow below steps to import your all content into blogger blog.

              a. Login to your blogger account and go to blogger dashboard. You can also create new blog by clicking  on Create a Blog link.

                    b. Next, go to Settings and click on other tab then click on import blog link.
import blog

c. Now you can upload your converted file in import content section. Once you completed uploading, you will see your all post which is ready to be published.

Note: You can upload only file which is less than 1MB.



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