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WordPress Contact Form Plugin

How to Add contact forms to your WordPress blogs?

As a blogger or website creator you need to add a contact form in your WordPress blog or site. It is an easy way to keep in contact with your readers. With this blog, we will tell you how to create contact forms using WordPress Contact form plugin.

Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin

It is very easy to add WordPress contact form plugin. Contact Form 7 is the free, more easiest and simplest WordPress contact form plugin to install on your WordPress.

Follow below steps to add contact form in your blog.

1. Go to WordPress dashboard , then plugin and click on “add new”.

WordPress contact form Plugin - Add new2. Search for plugin “Contact form 7” in “search plugins” box. When you found the plugin click on install now.

contact form 73.Click on “Activate” to activate the plugin.

Activate plugin

4. Go to contact in your dashboard; copy code from theĀ  “contact form 1” and paste it in newly created one.

duplicate contact form5. Now, open the page where you want to add contact form and paste the copied code into its contents. Now the set up is completed.

Advantages of WordPress contact form Plugin

There are many advantages in adding contact form in WordPress. If you add contact forms, your site or blog looks more professional. Contact form is the bridge between readers and bloggers or site owners.

Most of the advertisers wants to advertise their products in your blog or site. If you have provided contact information, you might miss opportunities to become partner with them and miss the revenue you would have got from that advertisement.

The main benefit of adding contact form is you won’t get spam into your inbox easily. It safe compare to mailto tag.

Contact form sends the information to your Gmail or yahoo account which you can add in the WordPress contact form Plugin “Contact Form 7”.

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