Wordpress copy protect plugins

WordPress copy protect plugins

How to avoid Copying Blog content by usingĀ  WordPress copy protect plugins?

Many bloggers facing content theft problem. Content stealing became very common issues these days. There are few WordPress copy protect plugins, which help you to protect your content from being copied by others. In this post, we are discussing about best WordPress copy protecting plugins.

Here , we are discussing important WordPress copy protect plugins for protecting your content.

WP Content Copy Protection Plugin

WP content copy ProtectionIt is easy to install and activate WP content Copy Protection plugin. This plugin disables, right click or selection of text. It also disables Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V. Since it disables selecting and copying you can protect your content and images.

WP Site Protector

WP site protector pluginWP Site Protector Plugin allows you to protect your contents and images from being stolen or copied. It is very easy to install and use this plugin. This plugin disables right click on your web page, disables content copying. It also disables keyboard shortcuts to copy, select contents and images.

Content Copy Protection & Prevent Image Save

content copy protection pluginThis plugin protect your blog content from selection and copy. It disables right click. If you install this plugin, it doesn’t allow some one to save images. It shows alert messages upon right click on images. It disables CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+X, CTRL+V.

Content Reveal Plugin

content reveal pluginContent Reveal hide and reveal WordPress content, no matter whether it is in the sidebar or in a post or in a page. Its feature includes ability to specify own icons for collapsing/revealing content,it has an option to show title separately,supports Do not track.

Content Protect By Time Lock

content protect by Time lock pluginBy installing this plugin, you can set time locks on your contentĀ  to protect from unknown users visiting your site. The time period may be +1min,tomorrow etc.. When content is protected it will be excluded from search results, feeds, author and posts etc..

Content Party

content party pluginContent Party is a simple and easy to use plugin. It provides capability to search the most extensive, high-quality content. It is featured with top twenty popular keywords, using which you can find popular topics easily.



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