WordPress popup subscription plugin

WordPress popup subscription Plugin

WordPress popup subscription Plugin

The most effective way to increase subscribers to your site is through popup message. Sometimes these popups may useful to visitors and they may subscribe or else they simply close the popup window. These popups may displayed immediately when visitor enters your page or after some period of time. Here we are discussing on how WordPress popup subscription Plugin helps to increase subscribers for your blog or post.

WordPress Popup Scheduler – A WordPress popup subscription Plugin

There are many WordPress popup subscription plugins are available. WordPress Popup Scheduler is one of them, which will help to double your subscribers. This plugin is very simple and you can customize it very easily according to your requirements.

If you add normal subscription box in your page, that can be ignored by visitors. But if you have a pop up box, that may remind them to subscribe to your blogs RSS feed. Install this plugin and activate it from the plugins menu. Then go to WP Popup Scheduler in the settings to customize layout and looks.

WordPress popup Scheduler plugin

When to show your popup?

Here you can specify when to show your popups to visitors. Don’t show popups when each page reloaded. It will create negative impact. Instead, it is better to show popup on second visit. If there are less chances of visiting your site second time then show popups to new arrivals.

Set delay for popup

You can use this option if you want to show popup box after some interval of time. Set time to 90 or 120 seconds after visitor visited the page. By doing this visitor has started reading some content on your page and if subscription blog appears, they may subscribe to your blog. If you popup subscription box as soon as visitor visited your page, they may get annoyed.

Where to show your popup?

By using this option you can select where you want to display popup box. But it is recommended to choose visitor landing page because they can see popup box on same page where they have arrived. Display popup box on the center of screen which is perfect for any browser and resolution.

How to show your popup?

You can select simple popup option which is enough. But light box option is more useful as it darkens the background content and gives main focus on the popup area only.

Rich Text Editor

Here you can add subscription form with buttons and styles to content. Set background color to other colors from white for more attraction.

Other popular WordPress Popup subscription plugins are as follows.

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