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Selecting the right WordPress Theme

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Choose Right WordPress  Theme for Your Website

With WordPress, we can build amazing, beautiful websites even though you don’t have technical knowledge. But it is important to choose WordPress website themes for your website before you start building it. This article helps you to select best WordPress website themes for your websites.

List out Features that you want for your website

It is always good to select a theme which has major features that you want for your website, instead of editing the theme after installing to make it applicable to your site. You have to decide whether you want tall header, how much wide columns should be, etc..

For example, in travel based website, you can use a theme that displays large number of pictures in homepage to highlight your different tourist places.

wordpress website themesNote down main features that are most important for your website and search for themes that meet those requirements at least to some extent. Hence you don’t need to spend time in changing code and design to satisfy your requirements.

There are many free themes available in WordPress. But it is bit difficult to customize these themes, as they may not have many customization options through WordPress admin pane.

Never choose a theme assuming you can easily modify column unless You know  PHP. Look for themes that say you can choose your columns.

Themes in  StudioPress allows you choose number of columns from the Settings area, which is really nice. The StudioPress themes have a lot of customization options which make it easy for beginners to edit even though no coding knowledge.

You can sort specific features using WordPress admin panel. Go to Appearance -> Themes -> Add Themes, to find this filter.

Feature Filter

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

Find out The Purpose of Your Site to select WordPress website themes

To represent professional services, you can use a Agency Pro theme. If you are creating a foodie website, the Brunch Pro Theme is perfect because of the font color option and improved recipe index.

The Studio Press contains themes which explains,what kind of themes suitable for your websites. So it is easy for you to select themes. 


You might have noticed that a lot of websites have sectioned homepages. The Layouts are divided into multiple blocks and they may have different background as you scroll down. These themes have modern typography  with lots of white space and larger fonts. They look awesome on mobile devices.

Example for sectioned theme is Centric theme. In this theme homepage is not sectioned and has only one column. But the internal pages have multiple columns.


Site Navigation is most important for a website, because people find key pages using navigation.

Make sure your theme has what you want before you install it. If you want to add additional menus you should know PHP.

The Genesis Lifestyle theme is the theme which has two menus. You can turn them on and off very easily in the Menu area. All the themes are not flexible like this, so make sure to check when shopping themes.

You can also add a drop-down menu yourself within the Menu area of WordPress no matter what theme you have.

Width, Layout and Spacing

There are some WordPress website themes which allow you to change the width of the theme or other sections of the site. But for most of the themes you need to change the code.

For adding banner at the header section, you can choose theme that has banner space like news theme.

Keep in mind the features that you want to add to your site. It will help you to choose right theme. For major customization it is  required to know CSS and PHP.

Free or Paid Themes

You need to decide whether to go for free or premium WordPress themes. Free themes have little support, it may or may not be compatible with future WordPress releases. If you have any kind of issues while working with latest WordPress release, it is difficult to get help from theme creator. Some times, you may not able to contact them.

Theme should be Responsive

If the website uses responsive themes, it displays the websites automatically adjusted to device screen. The website looks great in all devices. Ensure that you are using mobile-friendly WordPress website themes, so you no need to code for responsive.

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

Setting up WordPress Site

If you are a beginner and if you want to launch a website, first learn about Website building concepts – Web Hosting. To start a blog go through site Affiliate Marketing – Blogs.


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