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YouTube Ads- A Game Changer in Every Marketing Strategy

YouTube Ads- A Game Changer in Every Marketing Strategy

Making Youtube ads a clear winner to where your marketing dollars need to go. YouTube is where prime-time entertainment lies! This platform has the most-engaged database of 1.3 billion users who are watching 5 billion videos every single day.
Let’s take a look at the reasons why brands should leverage the power of Youtube ads. And adapt to the fast-changing viewing habits of consumers.

Track Results

By optimizing Ads for video ads, you can easily track the results of your YouTube ads. With simple steps in place before launching your video ad campaign, you can make the most of your marketing budget. You can track the number of views your YouTube ads have generated and the amount of engagement. We can also measure the performance of your YouTube ads with the View-Through-Rate (VTR). This metric reflects the rate at which consumers have viewed your ad. You track the number of leads your ad has generated depending on the goals you have set based on your brand.

Reach The Right Audience

Unlike TV ads, you can hand-pick the audience you wish to target with your YouTube ads. There are a plethora of factors you can use to screen your target group. Few of them are discussed below.
You can filter your audience based on their location, age, gender, income, relationship status and much more.
Targeting people who are interested in what you offer is a great way to advertise your brand. Reach out to a niche audience who already has your attention to improve the quality of your leads.
Make your ads play only to the viewers who have typed in the keywords related to a popular video on YouTube.
The targeting provided by YouTube ads is so extensive that you can also play your ads to the viewers who have visited your website, as a re-targeting technique.

Types Of YouTube Ads

True View Ads

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TrueView ads are the most common type of YouTube ads that play before a particular video. Marketers can choose from skippable TrueView ads that can be anywhere between 12 seconds to 6 minutes and non-skippable ads that cannot cross more than 20 seconds.
TrueView ads are charged only when viewers watched them for more than 30 seconds, until the end of the ad if the video is shorter, or if they click on a call-to-action.
These ads are further classified into the following:
In-Display Ads: 

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In-Display ads show up on your YouTube home screen and also in search results, just like the ads that appear in a Google search. They also appear in the related videos section while watching a particular YouTube video.
In-Stream Ads:
In-stream ads appear before the video of your choice begins to play. They have the option to be skipped after 5 seconds and can also display overlaying text as a call-to-action based on the brand being Advertised On YouTube.

Masthead Ads

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Masthead ads provide high reach and awareness as they are displayed as the main banner on the YouTube homepage. This type of YouTube ads is charged on a day-to-day basis and come with a variety of key benefits. They are primarily used to create a buzz about your brand by reaching out to consumers in a wide range of demographics.
A masthead ad is much more cost-effective than a TV ad as it helps brands reach an approximate of 350 to 400 billion consumers at Rs. 70 lakhs – which is still lesser than how much brands pay for a primetime slot on the TV. Additionally, the frequency with which the ads will be displayed to the viewers is much higher, and the brands can also use the database to re-target the people who have viewed their ad.
Bumper Ads
Bumper ads are the shortest form of ads available at slots of just 6 seconds. They play before the YouTube video chosen by the viewer and are an excellent way to complement a larger video ad campaign. Since these ads are shorter, advertisers need to focus only on the primary aspect of the brand they want their audience to recall.

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